Vantage Point Security Research Roundup - Cisco, Symantec and SysAid

Our team has been hard at work the past couple of months, unearthing more than a dozen of zero day vulnerabilities. As we are responsible researchers only a few of these issues have made it to the public. Here is a round up of our research published during the last two months. It's patch time!

Command Injection Vulnerability in Symantec Encryption Gateway (CVE-2014-7288)

While reverse engineering Symantec Encryption Gateway, Paul Craig found a remote code injection vulnerability in the pgpsysconf program allows an attacker to execute arbitrary shell commands as root. Symantec has fixed the issue in Encryption Management Server 3.3.2 MP7.

SysAid Server Arbitrary File Disclosure (CVE-2014-9436)

SysAid Server is vulnerable to an unauthenticated file disclosure attack that allows an anonymous attacker to read arbitrary files on the system. When SysAid is configured to use LDAP authentication it is possible to gain read access to the entire Active Directory or obtain domain admin privileges.

File Disclosure in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CVE-2014-8008)

Attackers can read arbitrary files on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisco has released a security advisory on this issue. This is one of 4 issues we disclosed to Cisco last November - stay tuned for our public advisory for more information.