Vincent Tan speaking on Null Security Singapore: Breaking BYOD on iOS

The global market for BYOD and enterprise mobility is expected to almost quadruple in size over the next four years, hitting $284 billion by 2019. BYOD software is used by some of the largest organizations and governments around the work. Barclays, AT&T, Vodafone, US DHS, US Army, Australian Department of Energy. 

If you are a CISO who is considering BYOD or you are someone who has already rolled out BYOD then you need to be at this months Null Singapore meetup. Vantage Point have broken and bypassed the largest BYOD solutions on the market and the results are (very) eye-opening.

For the past 4 months, Vincent has been researching into these advanced functionality that applications are using. The result of his research is an approach to defeating BYOD and advanced iOS security mechanisms in an easy and effective manner. This talk will demonstrate not only how he has done it but will also include a tool / framework which was designed for that purpose.

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